Friday, October 26, 2012

Fyrinnae Samhain 2012

I love love love coming home from work to find a package from Fyrinnae and I probably say that everytime I make a post about new goodies from them but I can't help it. I will add the swatches to my master Fyrinnae post ( swatches round up ) shortly.
The colors I ordered are Arcane Magic: Mystical Hedgehog, Arcane Magic Sultry Samhain, Witchy Woodland Creatures, Bonfire Spirits, Ethereal Eire and for my free sample I received Arcane Magic Mermaid Masquerade.
I didn't order Mermaid Masquerade purely because I thought it would be too close to Digital Faerie but it is definitely not anything like it. It is reminiscent of La Noche to me, (which is my most favorite blue ever on the planet) but with more nuances of course since it is an Arcane color.

 Here are closeups of the Arcane Magics in the jar. You can see some of the different colors here.

I tried to capture the color changes on camera for you. it's pretty hard to do on yourself, though. Of course, they are much nicer in person...


  1. Lovely! Best swatches I've seen of the collection so far, Mystical Hedgehog looks fabulous!

  2. They look incredible!! lovely! Gorgeus swatches too

  3. kelley how are you doing? miss you a lot.. hope you are well. xoxo Susie

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  6. Come back to blogging! I love your posts! Where have you been since 2012?